Management Services
     Management Services

In addition to our Tenant Find and Let and Collect Services HOME LETS will for the busy/absent landlord attend to day to day management, supervisory and administration tasks associated with the property to include:-

  • Attend to readings of the service meters at commencement and at the end of the tenancy, arrange for transfer into the tenants name. Settlement of accounts at commencement (if applicable) will be made from available funds. Note: Charge for reconnection of telephone into your name at conclusion of the tenancy will be yours to settle.
  • Attend the property once during a six month agreement. HOME LETS will visit more frequently, if required. The charge per additional visit is 30.00 (including VAT). HOME LETS will report to you should there be any matter we feel requires your attention
  • Arrange for repairs, which are not the responsibility of the tenant up to 200 (this amount can be amended by mutual agreement at the start of a tenancy agreement). Repairs will be arranged as we see fit and without automatic reference to you. Should this figure be likely to be exceeded we shall firstly obtain an estimate for your approval. Please note that this will not apply in the event of an emergency. Unlike many agents no management fees will be levied on repairs
  • Fully account to you on a monthly basis as to receipt and disbursement of monies received.

Fee: 12% (including VAT), assessed in accordance with the rental payable under the agreement any extension thereof or statutory period with some/all tenants introduced by HOME LETS.