Let and Collect Services
     Let Collect Services

This service is suitable for Landlords living close to the Property and who are able to inspect on a regular basis and in addition able to deal with maintenance and emergencies.

As For Tenant Find Only, but with the following additions

  • Collection of rentals throughout the tenancy and any renewal or statutory period
  • Remittance of net rent (after deduction of fees etc) into your stated bank/building society clearing account HOME LETS Management System is linked to our bank, for fast efficient payment of rentals to landlords by BACS.
  • Negotiation of new terms for any extension of the tenancy (if desired)
  • Accounts prepared on a monthly basis

Fee: 9.5% (incuding VAT), assessed in accordance with the rental payable under the agreement, any extension thereof or statutory period with some/all of the tenants introduced by HOME LETS.