Inventory Services
     Inventory Services
  • Every letting must be accompanied by a complete inventory for your own protection. HOME LETS are able to prepare a full inventory, together with notes on condition of the property or recommend an independent inventory Service.
  • An inventory/schedule of condition is a detailed written record of all fixtures and fittings of a property as well as the property itself everything from a broom to a bed, scuff marks on the walls or a scratch on any furniture.
  • All gas and electric appliances are noted in accordance with legislation, as are all items and furnishings, which must conform to legislation
  • On commencement of the tenancy, your tenants sign the inventory, thereby safeguarding against disputes at the end of the tenancy
  • At the end of the tenancy, the inventory is checked in detail with the tenants, enabling the release and return of all or part of the dilapidation deposit money. Only a detailed inventory can support the evidence of both landlord and tenant in the event of a dilapidations dispute


  • Tenants are not encouraged to act responsibly
  • You may not have grounds for compensation (if any) which would be costly in time and money
  • We, as agents, nor consequently the courts, will enter into any dispute on your behalf
  • You are totally unprotected

Inventory Services Only Available Landlords Letting via Home Lets and will charged at an hourly rate.

If you are providing your own inventory it must be typed and in room by room format and mention everything in the property and its condition, together with the decorative condition throughout.