Fire Regulations
     Fire Regulations

The Fire and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety)(Amendment) Regulations 1993

The above regulations came into force on 1st March 1993 for ALL property coming onto the rental market for the first time.

Furniture that must comply with the regulations must have a label clearly showing that the item(s) is/are fire resistant. Any new or additional furniture being put into a property from 1st March 1993 must comply with the regulations immediately. The relevant information must be marked on the inventory.

As from January 1997 all property available for rental “in the course of trade” must have furniture complying with the fire regulations, from this date any furniture not complying will have to be removed and replaced.

Many firms are at present offering to spray upholstered furniture to ensure that it is fire retardant and will comply with fire regulations. The DTI has stated that this is not the case and the only way to check if furniture complies will be to test it (ie set fire to it) thus defeating the object of the exercise. Please do not, therefore, have any items sprayed.


Please note that labels must not be cut off, even if you feel them to be unsightly

Note : Furniture pre 1950 does not need to conform